Remus Wideman

Lv 2 Dwarven Bard, Personal entertainer for Lady Lancaster


Str 12 (1 THAC0)
Dex 8 (-1AC)
Con 12 (
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 14 (+2Dam/Critchance)

7 – Redrain – The Warrior – Those born under this sign gain +2 to their starting hitpoints

HP: 16 (2 birthsign, +1 con, +1 slag, +3 main gauche)
AC: 9 (-1 dex, +1 leather, +1 Rope)
THAC0: 19 (
1 str)
Sav: 1
Actions: 1
Crit: 18+
WP: 2/2 (Unused)

Weight: 170 lbs.
Height: 3’10"

Racial Traits:
- speaks Common, Dwarven
- Con +1, Dex -1
- Fungi Recognition: can identity all funguses with 95% accuracy
- Golden Nose: can smell ore and precious metals up to a mile away
- Infravision: can see in the dark up to 180 ft.
- Head Spike: when attacked, may deal 1D4 + STR bonus damage once in combat

Coin: 0/13

- Basic Instrument (3): allows musical performance for creative use

A Bard’s two closest friends are his rapier and his main gauche.
- Basic Rapier (3): allows the bard to attack for 1D6 + Charisma bonus

Main Gauche
The main gauche unlocks a variety of defensive options for the Bard.
- Main Gauche (2): increases Bard hitpoints by 3
30 Feet Of Rope
What can’t be done with thirty feet of rope? This item can always be used creatively.
- 30 Feet of Rope (2): seriously, you can do anything with this, +1 AC

Things Stolen From Wizards
Like taking candy from a future lich.
- Fence Wizard’s Cantrip (2): a minor magical flick learned from a traveling gutter wizard

Available at level 1:
Ditty: the core ability of the bard – sing a two line song with a variable effect on an enemy or party member. May be used in combat as an action.

Gold: 2gp

Leather Armor


Remus Wideman

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